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100% Coconut Oil Household Liquid Soap

Excellent cleaning power and high sudsing. Our liquid soap made with natural ingredient without the unpleasant chemical residue. Also, it is biodegradable.
No added fragrant/essential oil. You can add a little fragrant/essential oil as you like.

Purpose:Laundry, Dish Washing, Kitchen/Bathroom Cleaning...
Ingredients:Coconut Oil, Distilled water

Laundry:Pour 30-60ml in washing machine. Adjust amount used based on size of load.
Floor Cleaner:Dilute about 15ml with 4L water to clean the floor.

Storage:No added preservatives. Please store in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight.

純椰子油家事液體皂 1.3KG 100% Coconut Oil Household Liquid Soap

  • 天然液體手工皂